Our Business

As part of the company’s long-term strategy to optimize vertical alignment, HDO has segregated its businesses to increase focus on four distinct areas to further generate individual growth, enhance business operations and prospects within each sector, and maximize return on investment and shareholder value.

These key focus areas include:

Oil Resources and Exploration (Upstream)
Product Fleet Carriers (Midstream)
Refinery and Finished Product Sales (Downstream)
Trading of Natural Resources
Strategic Investments in Renewable Energies, New Technologies, Environmental Friendly Infrastructures
Assets Management

HDO has created a solid and varied revenue stream, giving it a significant advantage over similar companies working in the oil and gas shipping arena. As a result of a strategic business model and the company’s strong leadership expertise, HDO continues to build its diversified revenue platform through its shipping networks as it expands operations in Asia.

The company has maintained and increased profitability even amid a downed revenue period. Success was reflected in the most recent growth of HDO revenue, with purchase orders for over 600 Million USD in 2021.